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All GeoPrecision wireless-data loggers are operated by a system called FG2_Shell.

FG2_SHELL is an easy-2-use software interface for our wireless data loggers. Included in FG2_Shell
is CSView, a graphical viewer. The software can be used for local access of data loggers as well as
remote access (for GPRS based INTERNET data).


The FG2_Shell package was tested on WIN 98 SE, XP, VISTA, 7 and 10. It was designed for low CPU load, so it even will run on very small Sub-Notebooks and Netbooks.


The latest version can be downloaded for free from our homepage. Please download this file to your local hard-drive:

Download FG2_Shell: PDF Download Setup_FG2_Shell_4V01.exe

Please start the Setup-Program and follow the instructions before connecting the wireless USB-Dongle!

Software FG2_Shell
Software FG2_Shell

CSView, a graphical viewer
CSView, a graphical viewer

This document will give a short description how to choose, configure and use the Windows-Software required for all GeoPrecision data loggers.

Download Software manual for FG2_Shell5W: PDF Download Doku_FlexGate_Software_Eng_v6.pdf



wireless transmission 433Mhz and 915 Mhz

Thermistor strings for all grounds

temperature profiling and borehole ground measurements

Up to 5 years maintanance free

Up to 5 years maintanance free

Easy maintanance because of clip holder for battery

String up to 100m length

Up to 100m string length.

Custom made thermistor string with your specifications.