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SDI 12 converter


The SDI-12 Converter is an Interface between our 2-Wire-Bus or DALLAS-Bus and a SDI-12 serial communications bus of a data logger or PC.

Each SDI-12 Converter responds to a single SDI-12 address and parameter. So one or more string sensors can be easily connected to every SDI-12 data logger, for e.g., Campbell loggers. The output of the SDI-12 to converter is proportional to the value of every sensor response.

SDI-12 with string attached

SDI-12 converter



  • thermistor string sensors: accuracy from +/- 0.1°C to +/- 0.05°C2-Wire-Bus or DALLAS-Bus to SDI-12
  • Transparent Mode
  • SDI-12 Standard
  • No driver required
  • 6V … 14V supply voltage
  • Power consumption: max. 60 mA
  • Overvoltage protection by TVS-Surge Absorber 400 Watt
  • Up to 48 Sensors can be connected to one Interface
  • IP69 enclosure
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 40°C … + 85°C





wireless transmission 433Mhz and 915 Mhz

Thermistor strings for all grounds

temperature profiling and borehole ground measurements

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Up to 5 years maintanance free

Up to 5 years maintanance free

Easy maintanance because of clip holder for battery

String up to 100m length

Up to 100m string length.

Custom made thermistor string with your specifications.


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