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How do I configure my thermistor string?


Please download our PDF request form here and fill in your requirements. Send the sheet back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax it to +49 7243 123457890

Can sensors be mixed? For example, can I order a thermistor string with TNode EX and TNodeHD nodes?


Yes, alls sensors using the 2W-Bus can be mixed.

What happens when a sensor is exposed to temperatures outside the specified operation range? What value is returned?


Sensors exposed to temperature outside the specified operational temperature range will show unexpected behaviour. Al longer period will destroy the electronic!

What happens if I lose the access code for a data logger? Can I switch of the access code protection for faster work? Can I prevent the accessing of data loggers?


For a lost accesscode you have to contact us, it is device-specific. We can generate a new one.

Why there are two different frequencies used by the data loggers?


433 MHz for EU and Asia, 915 MHz for USA/Canada and Australia.

How is the electronic protected against water?


It has two independent protections for maximum reliability.
1.) A Waterproof housing.
2.) Inside the waterproof housing the complete electronics are covered in a special casting compound.

Why has the data logger in stainless steel housing no signal without the thermistor string?


The steel housing would shield the RF-signal completely, so the connected string is used as antenna.

What will be, if the flash memory has 100%?


This depends on the configuration. In “overwrite-mode” the logger will continuously record data, overwriting the oldest one. In the other case the logger will stop recording till the memory is cleared by the user (default configuration, other mode by request!)

Why do I have no signal if the data logger is very near to the Wireless-USB dongle?


The USB-Dongle is not able to receive radio-signals that are too strong. To provide a good performance in distance communication, the signal send by the logger might be too strong in near field.

Battery change: what could happen if I set the battery with the wrong polarity in the clip holder?


This will damage the electronic permanently. At first look the logger seems to work correctly, but in most cases errors occur during runtime.

Can I change the data logger easily?


Yes, you can replace it by a logger of the same type. Via GP5W_Shell /FG2_Shell it is possible to export the complete parameter-set from the old device to your hard disk. These data can be imported on the new device.

Can I use a tablet PC for the GP_Shell5W or FG2_Shell software?


Yes, you can use all tablet PC’s providing a “Type A USB Host Port”, running a full Windows OS (not Windows RT!). E.g. Microsoft Surface Pro.

How can I increase the radio signal?


Using a USB extension cable to increase the distance between your PC and Dongle will show good effects. Find a position for the dongle (and data logger) as high as possible. At last you can use special antennas to improve the signal strength a) for a specific direction (longer distance), or b) to cover a bigger area in general.

wireless transmission 433Mhz and 915 Mhz

Thermistor strings for all grounds

temperature profiling and borehole ground measurements

  • Temperature

    Temperature profiling
    in glaciers, lakes or ocean.

  • Permafrost

    Permafrost monitoring
    in soil or rock

  • Wetland

    Dike or dam monitoring

    Dam monitoring
  • Soil

    Monitoring of soils

    Soils Image

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Up to 5 years maintanance free

Up to 5 years maintanance free

Easy maintanance because of clip holder for battery

String up to 100m length

Up to 100m string length.

Custom made thermistor string with your specifications.